Empowering Communities: The Legacy of G&G Enterprises

In the heart of Southeast Texas, there is a company with a legacy deeply entrenched in family values and community spirit. G&G Enterprises isn’t just a construction company, it is a testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and service to others. Founded by John Garrett in 1986, G&G Enterprises has grown into a cornerstone of the local community under the innovative leadership of Colin and Natasha Garrett.

Rooted in Family
At the very center of G&G Enterprises is their incredible dedication to family. Colin Garrett, a second-generation leader, is the embodiment of the construction company’s values of integrity, excellence, and community engagement. With over 25 years of construction experience, Colin’s journey from the ground up has shaped his unwavering commitment to G&G’s success. Since taking over the role of President and COO in 2005, Colin has launched G&G from its humble beginnings to a thriving enterprise, with revenues exceeding $100 million and a dedicated team of over 70 employees.

Leading with Purpose
As President and COO, Colin looks over and leads G&G’s strategic initiatives, making sure the services they offer are always done with upmost quality while still upholding the construction company’s core values. His innovative mindset and strategic discernment have fueled G&G’s growth trajectory, positioning the construction company as a leader in the industry. With a Bachelor of Science in Construction Science from Texas A&M University, Colin is not only a well experienced professional, but also a visionary leader who is dedicated to navigating the complexities of a constantly changing landscape.

Community Centered Leadership
Natasha Garrett, G&G’s Chief Executive Officer, is the epitome of the company’s dedication to community engagement and social responsibility. Since taking over her role in 2011, Natasha has focused on G&G’s involvement in a number of community organizations, including the Rotary Club of Orange and the Greater Port Arthur Chamber events. Her steadfast commitment to community service has earned her several honors, including the Sales and Marketing Club of Southeast Texas Executive of the Year in 2019.

Building a Better Tomorrow
At G&G Enterprises, the community impact isn’t just something that happens because of the business, it’s a core principle that is completely integrated into the very being of this construction company’s identity. Through strategic partnerships, philanthropic endeavors, and a continuous pursuit of excellence, G&G is completely committed to empowering communities and leaving a lasting legacy of positive change.

From earning recognition as the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year to achieving HUB (Women Owned Business) status in 2014, G&G Enterprises continues to set the standard for excellence in the construction industry. With a constant and steadfast commitment to integrity, quality, and community, G&G Enterprises is not just constructing buildings, but building brighter futures for generations to come.

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